Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Apparently, God doesn't care about fairness

Or at least, that's what Pat Robertson seems to imply in this video. Right Wing Watch found this clip of Robertson answering a question concerning homosexuality and sin. The Friendly Atheist blog already dealt with him saying that it's okay to have "tendencies" (but not follow them), and that marriage is for procreation, but there were some other comments that jumped out at me.

At about the 0:50 minute mark, he says

Now, it isn't for us to tell God what's fair and isn't fair. He set it up this way, and this is the way he wants it. And I think that we that could form [conform? it's unclear]. . . he holds all the cards. He's the one that decides who goes and who doesn't. And so, don't say he's unfair. And these people are nice, and they they they [sic] go to church and all this kind stuff, but they're out there doing something and God says "Wrong!" It's wrong. And so, when he says it's wrong, it's wrong. That's it, period, end of story.
So, if I understand Robertson here, it doesn't matter if what God says is fair or not, because he's bigger than us, and decides who goes to hell and who doesn't. Don't question why, because God said so, "end of story." Thus, it's not so much that God's commands are just or ethical or moral, he's just the one that's got all the power. He's a tyrant.

If I'm wrong, and God exists, then I've got the same salute for him that I would have for any tyrant. Can you guess what it is?

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