Thursday, August 18, 2011

Support education, and go against Perry's anti-LBGT stance

I don't normally promote Facebook pages, but in this case, I'll make an exception. I get to support high school education while going against Perry and his anti-LGBT stance? I'm all over that! 
One Million Strong Against Rick Perry
We have to do a project for high school. We have to run a campaign to support a politician or to go against. I choose to go against Rick Perry! For his stands on LGBT Rights!! 
Go there, "Like" the page, and help out. Maybe we can get this page to really hit one million!


  1. OK, I "liked" the page, and hope that s/he gets to a million. However, I would feel much better about this if the student had put the cause first, written a bit more substantively about the topic (not a 1000-word essay or anything, just a few sentences and maybe a URL or two), and then parenthetically commented that it was a school assignment. (Yes, I am an internet curmudgeon, TYVM. HTH, HAND :)

  2. Well, I don't entirely disagree with you. But have you told the student that? :)

    I also don't know what "hth, hand" means, so I think I just lost the internet.

  3. You do have a point about telling the student, however, I can't see a way to contact him/her privately, and not knowing any of the background, I certainly don't want to rain on the parade by making a public criticism.

    And BTW:
    HTH = Hope This Helps
    HAND = Have A Nice Day
    (old Usenet terminology :)

  4. Well, he/she does ask for suggestions, so I don't think it would be raining too much to say it.