Friday, May 20, 2011

Damon Fowler, you have our support

I realize that at this point in time, not many read this blog. But for those of you who do, I hope you'll follow this link, and do anything you can to support Damon Fowler. He has stood up for the law in Louisiana prohibiting a school prayer at graduation, and now not only is the community lashing out at him, members of his own family are cutting him off and denying him the support he needs at this time. Thankfully, his brother and sister are not taking that road, but are standing by him. What he's going through is discrimination of the worst sort. Let's do something about it.

[UPDATE, 5/20] From a post on the Support Damon Facebook page by Jerret, Damon's brother: 
Last night I heard from my sister at rehearsal that Mitzi Quinn, reluctantly and with a bit of malice in her voice, apologized to my brother publicly and privately. When my brother was out of earshot my sister overheard Mitzi speaking to someone else in the administration, she proceeded to insult my brother and talk badly against him. While this isn't illegal, it shows her character
Also, Friendly Atheist has started a scholarship fund for Damon here.  Damon's graduation is tonight, and despite threats of violence and the nastiness from his community, he's decided to walk during the ceremony and get his diploma like everyone else. I applaud his courage. 

[UPDATE, 5/23] Damon made it through graduation without any boos or violence, unfortunately, he still had to endure prayer (Friendly Atheist has the video). It was led by a student, so there may be question about it's legality. Damon has moved to Texas to live with his brother Jerret [correction, 5/26: he's living with his sister Heather], and they are considering their next moves, including possible legal action. 

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