Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Regarding the marriage amendment in Minnesota

Here's an open letter from a friend of mine that he posted to his Facebook wall, reprinted here with permission. Seeing as how I was also naive when I got married, I must add my own "mea culpa" to his.

Dear voters of Minnesota:
I'm embarrassed to admit that when I was married, I forgot to submit my request for marriage to a public vote. It was my first time getting married, and it was my naive understanding that I only needed one specific person to say "Yes", another person sanctioned by the government to perform the marriage, at least one other witness, and someone to notarize the documents. My bad. I'll try and get it on a ballot next time.
According to 68 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the MN House of Representatives, it's important that the democratic process decides these things.
Andy Vercnocke

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