Sunday, May 29, 2011

I wish I didn't have to say it

There's been a few things lately about rape in the news, and it still boggles my mind that anyone thinks to blame the victim, ever, or even to hint that it may have been the victim's fault, and that there's ever any excuse for the rapist. So let me just say this, once again:

Rape is bad, mmkay? It's bad when it's done with a knife, it's bad when it's done with a drug, it's bad when it's done with a gun, it's bad when the victim is dressed like a nun, it's bad when the victim is dressed like a hooker, it's bad when the victim IS a hooker, it's bad bad bad.

If a woman is walking down the street naked in public, that doesn't mean you get to touch her. There is no "implied consent." If someone should seek to touch her, and she says "stop that" or "no" or flinches, or gives any sort of indication that she doesn't want that, then back off. Simple.

If you're making out with someone, and things are hot and heavy, and clothes are coming off, and suddenly someone wants to stop, and doesn't want to go any further? Stop. If you don't, that's assault and rape. You don't get to say "oh c'mon, you can't stop now!" or "what did you think was gonna happen?" or, really, anything other than "ok, stopping now." If you want, you can follow that up with "give me a bit to calm down here before we talk about it," as long as you're actually stopping.

Consent. Consent is the key to the whole endeavor. Without consent, we're talking about rape. Coercion, by the way, doesn't generate consent. Coercion just generates more rape. Oh, and if they're under the age of consent, then there is no consent. Period, full stop. I hear some people saying "but what about. . . ?" and the answer is "NO."

And making excuses for the rapist? Bad. Bad bad bad! Seriously, where do people get these ideas?

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